Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is where the most common questions I have heard can be answered.

Are you still working in IT?

I am employable and looking at the moment. If you, or anyone you know, know of a job for a systems analyst, administrator, or engineer, I am available. Here is a copy of my current resume.

What’s your dog’s name?

Lily. The other one was Belle. I have also fostered Nashville (Nash), Lowkey, and Malakai, Floki, and Ariel.

Is he a wolf (I got this more with Belle because she was wolf-grey)?

No. SHE is an Alaskan Malamute. She is friendly, but a pain in the ass.

Are you really allergic to tomatoes, or is it that you just don’t like them?

Have you ever seen Alien? Dan O’Bannon came up with the idea of a chest burster from experiencing what happens to me when I have even a hint of tomato in my food. Tomatoes are the base of many sauces, so there are lots of things I can’t have. I know it is in there within 20 minutes because I get flush, dizzy, and start to get a rash. After that, Alien starts to happen. It wants out – fast – and in any direction. I used to be able to eat them, so I know what I am missing. I recently made a sauce that is a pretty decent substitute when eaten fresh. It does not keep very well, as refrigeration hardens it and makes it impossible to pour.

Can you have processed tomatoes?

Nope. I used to be able to have ketchup, but I had a bad experience, and now that is off the table as well. BBQ sauce is out and even things with tomatillo.

Does this mean you are allergic to nightshades and lycopene?

Nope. I have no issues with any other food in the nightshade family. I do just fine with peppers, potatoes, and capsaicin. I’m afraid to try eggplants again, and I don’t eat okra unless it is in things with tomatoes, so I no longer eat them anymore.

As for lycopene, watermelon has more than tomatoes, and I have no issues with it. I also have no problems with papaya, parsley, and asparagus.

Are you going back on the road?

I planned on making the 49 state trip late in 2018 or very early this year (2019) with the intent on being in Alaska to see the Iditarod, but circumstances prevented me from traveling. I still plan on touring the state to see some local haunted spots, specifically the top seven haunted waterfalls in Florida. The problem is, it is too hot for Lily to walk around too much. If I find it uncomfortable, she is worse because of her black fur. I intend to post about Walk Disney World and Universal Studios (and Islands of Adventures) Florida, so stay tuned.

You look like _____. Are you that guy?

I am that guy. Unfortunately, I am not the one you are thinking of. I am not Jesus, and at the moment, I’m not famous. If you think I look like someone, and we have never met that is because I have a familiar face. As unique as I am, I am apparently not that unique (and nor are you). I might be one in a million, but that only means there are 7,499 more of me out there. If we have met, it’s because we have met before. That seems self-evident.