Belle’s Last Day (Part III)

Belle’s Last Day (Part III)
“I’m not supposed to be here, am I?”

The Saturday before I put Belle down, which was actually the day before I did it, I contacted my sister to let her know I was going to take Belle around town for her Last Day. She informed me her husband was coming too. I have a small car, and I have set it up for dogs to be in the back, not people, so transporting two people and a dog was not really my intent. At that point, I didn’t care anymore, and when they showed, I made arrangements to have Belle ride in front with me (something she never did), and they sat in the back. Belle’s two car pillows were stacked, so she had support for the one she sat on by having the other one prop her up. She was sitting as comfortably as she was going to be and since the day was all about her, that was all I cared about. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part III)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part II)

Belle's Last Day (Part II)
I just got a bath. Pretty sure I needed it.

I still have a ton of stories about Belle, and going through the pictures I saw yesterday, I will probably tell them. For now, I will tell the story of her last few days. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part II)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part I)

Belle's Last Day (Part I)
Such long legs

I had planned on writing a long story of Belle’s last day, but went through all of the pictures I had on hand and just couldn’t do it. Might do it tomorrow. But for now, above is the first picture I have of her. And here is the last: Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part I)”

Rainbow Springs/Falls

Rainbow Springs/Falls
Lily, on the road

Gathering my gear for both Lily and myself, I packed for the trip to see some ghosts. Rainbow Springs is an old is a former phosphate mine and later a tourist attraction that eventually went under as Disney took away the attraction and people no longer came to that area. Eventually, the state purchased the property and made it into a state park. The springs and falls still operate as they did back in the day. Continue reading “Rainbow Springs/Falls”

Quick Update

The pups and I had a long day. We started with our pre-7 a.m. 3-mile walk, and by the time it was over, I spent an hour getting them fed and settled. I had planned on going on a trip with them this week, specifically today, but saw that the places I wanted to go were 2.5 hours at the closest and over four on the middle end. Because it was going to rain all day today, I will try tomorrow. Continue reading “Quick Update”

The Belle’s, Part IV

On one particular morning, while walking Belle, cars were zooming past us, as they do on a somewhat busy road. It was early, but still late enough for people to go about their business and to work. That meant traffic was just sufficient to pass by with regularity, but not so much that there was a backup. With the frequency of the cars passing, and the urgency with them trying to get someplace in a reasonable amount of time, the vehicles whipped passed us just fast enough to make my hair fly out of my face and back again, and my hat lift enough for me to be concerned with it flying off. We tended to walk side by side. Me on the sidewalk, and Belle on the grass to keep her paws off the concrete. She tended to walk on the right, and we walked against the flow of traffic so I could see the cars coming. Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part IV”

Slight Catch up

I have acquired my medical bills, but still, do not know what I had. I have test results and nothing seems out of the norm. I will write the details of the experience at a later date. That being said, I’m in the middle of the rest of the NO LA trip and got distracted by editing all my previous posts for grammar and spelling errors. It is interesting to note, I have run these posts through two different systems and there were conflicts as one saw no issues and the other did. They also differed by one trying to correct issues I corrected with the other system and the new system says it is an issue. That being the case, as long as I am not reading and just posting, don’t expect perfection. I will say the post prior to this one had the least issues It was also the only one that I was able to do without a dog interrupting me mid-process.

I hope to have another post tomorrow and start catching up on the travel stories and then move on from there. Nash has been adopted so I feel like I can tell his stories now. I have a few more Belle stories (one is already written, just not posted). Lily has a few she wants everyone to know.

I have plans to travel again and actually make this trip, but it will be in the future. I have an idea of what I need to do next and might put it here, or not. We will see.

Stay tuned. Lates. . .

North to Alaska, Day 3 (NO LA, Day II – Part I)

Thursday, March 22, 2018:

Morning started as it had before, light from the courtyard and Lily poking me with her nose. I told her to go back to sleep and she did. Eventually, I woke and took her for a walk. Along the way, I saw several trucks that had the phrase “Hollywood Trucks” on them. At first, there was one, as we passed in one direction, but as we circled back, there were four around the block. Even now, I have no idea what they were setting up for, but it looked like they were hosting a film crew. Lily was being difficult again and didn’t want to “go” so we headed to the dog park. Continue reading “North to Alaska, Day 3 (NO LA, Day II – Part I)”

Vague Update – Reason for Delay

I will get back to catching up, but I had a medical emergency and returned home. Due to medical billing practices, I have no idea what my costs will be so I will not know how long it will be until I can travel again if the costs out weight my coffer. I also need to do a followup with a doctor in over a week, so at the very least, I will not be traveling until after that. I am alive but in great pain. Hopefully, that will pass soon because walking and sitting, my two most common tasks, are quite painful at the moment. My New Orleans adventures are the next things I will be writing about and posting, but I owe some people I met reviews on a few travel sites first.

On the bright side, Lily was super happy to be back and run in her yard. I also discovered my foster was adopted yesterday so his story will now be possible to tell.