Belle’s Last Day (Part III)

Belle’s Last Day (Part III)
“I’m not supposed to be here, am I?”

The Saturday before I put Belle down, which was actually the day before I did it, I contacted my sister to let her know I was going to take Belle around town for her Last Day. She informed me her husband was coming too. I have a small car, and I have set it up for dogs to be in the back, not people, so transporting two people and a dog was not really my intent. At that point, I didn’t care anymore, and when they showed, I made arrangements to have Belle ride in front with me (something she never did), and they sat in the back. Belle’s two car pillows were stacked, so she had support for the one she sat on by having the other one prop her up. She was sitting as comfortably as she was going to be and since the day was all about her, that was all I cared about. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part III)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part II)

Belle's Last Day (Part II)
I just got a bath. Pretty sure I needed it.

I still have a ton of stories about Belle, and going through the pictures I saw yesterday, I will probably tell them. For now, I will tell the story of her last few days. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part II)”

The Belle’s, Part IV

On one particular morning, while walking Belle, cars were zooming past us, as they do on a somewhat busy road. It was early, but still late enough for people to go about their business and to work. That meant traffic was just sufficient to pass by with regularity, but not so much that there was a backup. With the frequency of the cars passing, and the urgency with them trying to get someplace in a reasonable amount of time, the vehicles whipped passed us just fast enough to make my hair fly out of my face and back again, and my hat lift enough for me to be concerned with it flying off. We tended to walk side by side. Me on the sidewalk, and Belle on the grass to keep her paws off the concrete. She tended to walk on the right, and we walked against the flow of traffic so I could see the cars coming. Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part IV”

The Belle’s, Part III

The next day, I went to work and because it was New Year’s Eve, I had a half day. Taking the second half of the day, I went to visit a doctor to get things looked at. He was the doctor that my office used and was a really nice guy, but not too reassuring. He said the wound looked clean, but they would need to get records of the dog to make sure I did not need shots. So now the scariest concept came to pass… Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part III”

The Belle’s, Part I

Not too long ago, I had two dogs. My first, Belle, and the current one, Lily. Belle was pretty chill, while Lily is a bit of a wild child. Belle, unlike what most think when seeing her name, was short for Labelle. She was named after a line from a Robert W. Service poem: Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part I”


My first transport gig for Husky Haven was getting a husky named Comet from Longwood to Leesburg. Seemed simple. I was texted if I was available, which I was, and then I needed to get to the meeting spot. I had never transported a dog that distance. Mine or a stranger. To prep, I cleaned out the back of my car, made sure I had proper seat belts, water (just in case), a bowl and towel. I already had all of that in the car but wanted to make sure it was ready. The most pressing part was getting all of the dirt Lily left behind. Continue reading “Comet”