Instant Pot Pizza (Phil-Style)

Because of my tomato issues (see FAQs), I don’t eat pizza often, but I do crave it. I recently got a food processor with a dough attachment and am lazy as all get out. Because of that, I figured I could make dough without the time to kneed I didn’t want to deal with. I also didn’t want to wait for the pizza to prove. I read you can prove and make an Instant Pot pizza dough, so I figured I’d try it. Continue reading “Instant Pot Pizza (Phil-Style)”

Yalaha Bakery

Yalaha Bakery
Yalaha sign

In my travels, I passed this place a few times, but I was driving with Lily. I didn’t think they were going to let me bring her in and I really didn’t want to stop there if they weren’t going to allow it. That being said, I had occasion to drive somewhat near there without her last week and decided to travel there. Continue reading “Yalaha Bakery”

Belle’s Last Day (Part III)

Belle’s Last Day (Part III)
“I’m not supposed to be here, am I?”

The Saturday before I put Belle down, which was actually the day before I did it, I contacted my sister to let her know I was going to take Belle around town for her Last Day. She informed me her husband was coming too. I have a small car, and I have set it up for dogs to be in the back, not people, so transporting two people and a dog was not really my intent. At that point, I didn’t care anymore, and when they showed, I made arrangements to have Belle ride in front with me (something she never did), and they sat in the back. Belle’s two car pillows were stacked, so she had support for the one she sat on by having the other one prop her up. She was sitting as comfortably as she was going to be and since the day was all about her, that was all I cared about. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part III)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part II)

Belle's Last Day (Part II)
I just got a bath. Pretty sure I needed it.

I still have a ton of stories about Belle, and going through the pictures I saw yesterday, I will probably tell them. For now, I will tell the story of her last few days. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part II)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part I)

Belle's Last Day (Part I)
Such long legs

I had planned on writing a long story of Belle’s last day, but went through all of the pictures I had on hand and just couldn’t do it. Might do it tomorrow. But for now, above is the first picture I have of her. And here is the last: Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part I)”

Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (without the extras)

Back in July of last year (2017), I started getting notifications of a gaming table on Kickstarter called the Table of Ultimate Gaming (ToUG). I was getting more interested in it as the days went by. I always wanted a gaming table, but they were super expensive upwards to $10,000. This one did not have all the bells and whistles as what I personally wanted in a table like a built-in touchscreen, but as far as a table went, this one had promise, specifically for the price. Continue reading “Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (without the extras)”

Rainbow Springs/Falls

Rainbow Springs/Falls
Lily, on the road

Gathering my gear for both Lily and myself, I packed for the trip to see some ghosts. Rainbow Springs is an old is a former phosphate mine and later a tourist attraction that eventually went under as Disney took away the attraction and people no longer came to that area. Eventually, the state purchased the property and made it into a state park. The springs and falls still operate as they did back in the day. Continue reading “Rainbow Springs/Falls”

Quick Update

The pups and I had a long day. We started with our pre-7 a.m. 3-mile walk, and by the time it was over, I spent an hour getting them fed and settled. I had planned on going on a trip with them this week, specifically today, but saw that the places I wanted to go were 2.5 hours at the closest and over four on the middle end. Because it was going to rain all day today, I will try tomorrow. Continue reading “Quick Update”

What the Deal was with Delayed Writing and “Medical Issues” (Part VI)

June 4th, 2018

Continuing the story of what halted my travel to Alaska with the following disclaimer-lite. Be aware that the current theme I am using places the whole post and not just a summary. They are in reverse order if you want to read previous ones on the home page. I plan on going into some detail that is a bit personal dealing with bills. I am done with the graphic nature of what happened to me. I do get preachy, though. If you feel you do not want to read this for it may offend you or may reveal too much about me, please move on. I intend to write about more travel exploits soon to catch up from the previous as well as new ones. Thanks for understanding. Continue reading “What the Deal was with Delayed Writing and “Medical Issues” (Part VI)”