Yalaha Bakery

Yalaha Bakery
Yalaha sign

In my travels, I passed this place a few times, but I was driving with Lily. I didn’t think they were going to let me bring her in and I really didn’t want to stop there if they weren’t going to allow it. That being said, I had occasion to drive somewhat near there without her last week and decided to travel there. I didn’t realize this was related to the same place that was on Orange Avenue in the past. I feel like I missed out on something now that I have been to this larger location. Although I didn’t get to go to the smaller site, I think I made out like a bandit by going to this larger one because I believe they have a more extensive selection and fresher bread than they did in its other incarnation.

Yalaha Bakery
Yalaha Bakery

I went in, and my jaw dropped after seeing all of the options in the sweets section. Knowing that I would not have time to eat enough bread to make getting several loaves worth it, I tried to avoid looking in that section. Unfortunately, a cheese-topped pretzel loaf caught my eye. It was good, but by the time I got to it, it was turning and a bit dry. On the first day, though, it was soft and would have made a good sandwich wrapper.

So I went a bit crazy with the pastries, but after spending a week eating them, I was not disappointed.

Yalaha Bakery
Boxed surprise
Yalaha Bakery
It didn’t all fit.

I do not intend to describe all of these. The ones that might not make sense will be described. I started my adventure with my favorite, a Bee sting. It is a cake topped with Bavarian cream and then topped with another layer of cake, topped with almonds and honey.

Messy, but such a treat, the pistachio macaroon. I only got it because of the chocolate coating but was pleasantly surprised with the rest of it.

Yalaha Bakery
Black and white pistachio macaroon

Fat Man’s misery is a small pie filled with hazelnut cream and then topped with Bavarian cream. The crust is also chocolate.

If it isn’t apparent, I like chocolate. The next one was not a disappointment. It was practically chocolate-covered baklava. Walnuts, almonds, and honey dipped in chocolate.

Probably my favorite thing there was the streussel. I got the apple one. Layers of cheese, apple, Bavarian cream, and powdered sugar.

I intended to save the cookies before I went to bed. Opting for lavender cookies, I tested, and they knocked me out. Exactly what I wanted.

Yalaha Bakery
Lavender shortbread cookies

If you happen to be near Mt. Dora and have a little extra time, it is well worth heading to Yalaha and making a stop at the bakery.

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