Chapter 1

*** The following is the chapter that follows Prologue.

The Meeting

Fate plays little tricks on us.  You might think you have free will, but try as you might, you can’t prevent things from occurring if they are meant to. . .
-excerpt from Curtis Tyre’s journal [September 5th]
Iacta alea est.
(The die is cast.)
-Julius Caesar:  from Plutarch, Lives, Romulus, section 32

After he gained the information acquired a day before, Curt made a phone call that would start a new chapter in his life.

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The storM (8/12/93)

The sky is clear
except for a cloud or two.
A slight breeze passes by
cooling the sweat forming on my brow and upper lip.
Looking over the pavement,
images of pools, those reflections of heat,
appear in the distance
The cars seem taller as they blend with the air.
Waves of heat form and float in midair.

The air is wet.

As I rub my fingers together, a friction builds from the
slick sweat, making snapping all too easy.
The air is so dense; I am mugged by it, as if walking by a
not so deserted alley.
I must wade through this atmosphere.

Above, the sun shines brightly,
blinding my essence.

The birds chirp, fully aware of the rolling doom that can’t be
The sky splits itself in two and silence is upon us.

after awhile,
there is a roar from above.

Grumble, Grumble. . .
then silence;
The silence of the dead
(or about to die).

The air has a heaviness to it like the sky pushing me into the ground.
Gray clouds loom overhead,
slowly closing in on their prey.

There is no escape!
Flash. . .
“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Missi–”
There it is, the noxious smell of ozone permeating the air.
Crackle, crackle, pop
Closer the doom approaches
“One Mississippi, two Missi–”
The loud, clamorous noise awakens my inner self that was asleep.
Looking up,
I notice the most remarkable violet sky.
bouncing bolts jump from cloud to cloud.
My hair stands on end.
“One M–”
The storm is on us,
but there is still no sign of the rain. The rain that always comes with the storm.
I know it is coming;
(After too long.)
Plink, plunk
splat, splink
there it is.
The rain comes down in sheets
in a nonstop barrage of fury.
Water and Wind
pelted by the onslaught;
instantly drenched.
The water is cold but the gale is warm;
almost hot.
then it is over as quickly as it came.
“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi, Five Mississ–”

Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (Cup Holder Review)

Toppers extended
Toppers extended

After a long wait and many excuses, I finally received the cup holders that I backed on Kickstarter with the rest of the initial table pledge for the Table of Ultimate Gaming (ToUG). The initial commitment was in September 2017 with a delivery of January 2018. Here I am a year after the delivery date and just getting the final part. I am one of the lucky ones. I will make another post with more details, but for the moment, I can say, I have all the parts. Continue reading “Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (Cup Holder Review)”

Things I learned this Year from Christmas Movies (2018)

Muppet's Christmas Carol

List of movies I watched this year:

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The Winter Fest, Part 2 (Slice of life from novel in progress)

Moderne Weihnachtspyramide mit Krippe
After leaving Ingrid behind, Alex was more determined to find someone to hang with. Curt, on the other hand, just wanted to meet up with Shaun because he liked to keep to a schedule. As the two, with different agendas, walked through the fest, Curtis looked back to see if he could find the person he bumped into. Continue reading “The Winter Fest, Part 2 (Slice of life from novel in progress)”

The Winter Fest (Slice of life from novel in progress)

Creative Commons Copyright creative_abstract_christmas_tree_design_vector_set_526803.jpg
Winter Tree

A breeze blew through his long hair forming a wave in the air as he hurried down the street to meet Alex. Fall had just ended, but the gust in the walkway was reminding Curtis that Winter was now upon them. Although he was in a rush, the wall of air before him was slowing his progress. Continue reading “The Winter Fest (Slice of life from novel in progress)”

Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (with most of the extras)

After waiting a very long time to get the accessories for the Table of Ultimate Gaming (TOUG) from Kickstarter, two of the items (tabletops and deco pack) I was supposed to get as part of the pledge level I ordered arrived the other day. The cup holders that were also part of the initial pledge have not shown, and I had been informed they are back-ordered. [When those arrive, I will have another review and go into my thoughts related to that whole fiasco.] In addition to the tabletops and deco, I received the big pads, The next day, I received the PVC mat. For the previous review, click the link.

Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (with most of the extras)

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Dark and Gloomy Variant

Hot and Dark and Gloomy
Hot and Dark and Gloomy

As it was actually cold the other day, I decided to make a Dark and Gloomy hot chocolate variant. I used half the alcohol, and it came out better than a regular one because the kick was not as strong. Continue reading “Dark and Gloomy Variant”

Turducken (Part three of three)

Final sandwich
Final sandwich

The Leftovers

What is one to do with all of the extra turducken? Why make a sandwich, of course. The first attempt I made was with a heated version. In the process, it was too messy to hold by hand, so I knifed and forked it within a  microwavable storage container.

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Turducken (Part two of three)

The meal
The meal

As mentioned yesterday, I will discuss the sides and how the turducken came out, specifically, the sliced turducken. Above is the full meal except for the pies. They are mentioned below.

The Sides

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