Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (with most of the extras)

After waiting a very long time to get the accessories for the Table of Ultimate Gaming (TOUG) from Kickstarter, two of the items (tabletops and deco pack) I was supposed to get as part of the pledge level I ordered arrived the other day. The cup holders that were also part of the initial pledge have not shown, and I had been informed they are back-ordered. [When those arrive, I will have another review and go into my thoughts related to that whole fiasco.] In addition to the tabletops and deco, I received the big pads, The next day, I received the PVC mat. For the previous review, click the link.

Table of Ultimate Gaming Review (with most of the extras)

The Table Tops


These arrived in a box that looked like it was manhandled more than it should have been. It had several dents in the box, but there were no issues when it was opened, even after the styrofoam showed a crack in it.

Once I opened the package, there was mention of three different parts. The main one was the three toppers that turn the recessed table into a regular table. The fourth slat was the last (or first) topper that has a tab on it that can be depressed to reveal a lever to pick up the slat. The problem with the method is it is not recessed, so the entire table is not flat. There is another issue, but I will mention that in a later section. Not only that, but it is not waterproof because the slats do not fit tight and liquid can spill through. It is covered with a laminate to make it black, but it is not the same quality wood as the table. It also seems to scratch readily. After having the top for less than a day, I already had a scratch on it. Had it been wood, I could have buffed it out. That is the same issue with the rails.

Lift tab
Lift tab


The last item that was supposed to be in the box is a few non-hooked parts of Velcro that are supposed to go in the recessed area of the table to let the slats turn into tables on the sides of the table. My table already had them, so it didn’t matter that they were not in my box, but I have read that not everyone’s tables had those already. I have tested putting one of the slats in the table, and it seemed to work fine. I will take pictures of that when I redo part of my house to allow all of the slats in the table, as they require more space than I have at the moment.


The Deco Pack


I pledged for a dragon deco pack that matched the table, so it was black dragons on a red background. When I got the pack, I discovered the plywood, much less quality than the table itself was actually a red wood that was painted black on the foreground. The paint was not the same as the one used on the table. The table is really impressive and of a solid build not so with the deco. It seemed less quality and really not impressive. The color of the wood is also off compared to the color of my read mat. The mat is true red while the deco is more of an off burgundy.

The other point of note is that the paint was not completed on the sides. The blank deco that came with the table looks better than the deco with the dragons. I might paint the sides to make it look consistent, but out of the box, I shouldn’t have to do that.


The Big Pad


I ordered six of these. The one I made, for an example, was a bit of a pain and as I will not be using them yet, I decided to only use the one as an example. The advantage to the toppers is that they can fit into the table when they are not in use, and, obviously, on the table when they are in use. The Big Pads do not have a suitable place to store them, and they take up a lot of space in bulk, but the idea is excellent. Unlike the deco, these are made out of the same wood as the table, and unlike the toppers and rails, they are not covered with laminate. I am impressed with the quality and the means to get them connected. As I was putting it together, I was upset, but looking at the quality, I am happy.


The Big Pad has a piece of wood used to lock the pad to the table, but also hold a book or tablet in place. The clips that come with it seem to secure what would go on the pad. The side even had a pencil or dice holder. Earlier, I was thinking that getting six of them was a mistake, but as I wrote this, I am happy I did. The only other issue is the clip was near impossible to place. I had to use needle-nose pliers to get them inserted in the pre-drilled holes.


The PVC Mat


This is pretty much going to be a list of complaints because there is not much to this. The mat rolls out and covers the table to make it spill-proof. With the tab that allows you to take the toppers off, it no longer rests flush. I have had mine unrolled for a few days, and it is still curled. The Big Pad does not go on the table with the mat laid out. I guess I can loosen the screws, and it will fit, but as it is, it will not. Another issue is the mat shifts as there is nothing keeping it in place. Again, if I adjust the screws on the Pad, I can lock the mat in place. The final issue: where does it go when it is not in use? If it has taken a few days and it is still rolled, rolling it and sticking it in the corner will only perpetuate the curls. As with the table toppers, it scratched right out of the box.



The Final Thoughts


Still missing the cup holders. It has been over a year since the initial order. Will be a year since the initial delivery date if the latest info is correct. There will be another review with full thoughts when they arrive. The good: Big Pads are quality and Table-Toppers fit in table smoothly. The Bad: Everything scratches easily and can’t be fixed. When not in use, most things are not storable. Quality of deco is unimpressive, as is the paint job.




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