Belle’s Last Day (Part III)

Belle’s Last Day (Part III)
“I’m not supposed to be here, am I?”

The Saturday before I put Belle down, which was actually the day before I did it, I contacted my sister to let her know I was going to take Belle around town for her Last Day. She informed me her husband was coming too. I have a small car, and I have set it up for dogs to be in the back, not people, so transporting two people and a dog was not really my intent. At that point, I didn’t care anymore, and when they showed, I made arrangements to have Belle ride in front with me (something she never did), and they sat in the back. Belle’s two car pillows were stacked, so she had support for the one she sat on by having the other one prop her up. She was sitting as comfortably as she was going to be and since the day was all about her, that was all I cared about. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part III)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part II)

Belle's Last Day (Part II)
I just got a bath. Pretty sure I needed it.

I still have a ton of stories about Belle, and going through the pictures I saw yesterday, I will probably tell them. For now, I will tell the story of her last few days. Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part II)”

Belle’s Last Day (Part I)

Belle's Last Day (Part I)
Such long legs

I had planned on writing a long story of Belle’s last day, but went through all of the pictures I had on hand and just couldn’t do it. Might do it tomorrow. But for now, above is the first picture I have of her. And here is the last: Continue reading “Belle’s Last Day (Part I)”