Quick Update

The pups and I had a long day. We started with our pre-7 a.m. 3-mile walk, and by the time it was over, I spent an hour getting them fed and settled. I had planned on going on a trip with them this week, specifically today, but saw that the places I wanted to go were 2.5 hours at the closest and over four on the middle end. Because it was going to rain all day today, I will try tomorrow. Continue reading “Quick Update”

A Weak at Home

So, after getting the dogs situated and trying to get back into my pattern the way I intended, I actually got back into my pattern the way Nash and Lily wanted it. The two of them were up to their antics and I was drained of most of my energy over the week. I was able to write a bit over for two days. Continue reading “A Weak at Home”

Key West, Day 5

Time to leave back to Orlando. Lily and I were getting ready to go. I had plans for a hot breakfast that morning at the Inn where I stayed. The stated hours were 7 to 10. I was out the door at 7:00 and nothing was set yet. I walked Lily a bit and she was still being difficult. Checked back and still nothing. Decided to get my car and head back. On the way, we hit up the Old Town Bakery, which happened to open at 6. There was a very small crowd and we were able to get in easily. I thought this was the place the Restaurant Store was, as that place was not the location I had hoped it would be allowing me to get bread on before I headed back. Alas, this was not the place that supplied everyone in Key West with bread, and if it were, they weren’t selling it readily. Continue reading “Key West, Day 5”

A Date with Nanook

There is the sweetest dog in our pack of snow dogs, a husky named Nanook. A rescue now in foster care, he is very much underweight and terminal. We are not sure how long he has to live and even if a time limit were set, they never matter. It’s the same as with humans. Some might say one to three months, and the dog can live for another year or longer. Unfortunately, they do not have a time frame set for him. His diagnosis keeps changing as well. Continue reading “A Date with Nanook”


My first transport gig for Husky Haven was getting a husky named Comet from Longwood to Leesburg. Seemed simple. I was texted if I was available, which I was, and then I needed to get to the meeting spot. I had never transported a dog that distance. Mine or a stranger. To prep, I cleaned out the back of my car, made sure I had proper seat belts, water (just in case), a bowl and towel. I already had all of that in the car but wanted to make sure it was ready. The most pressing part was getting all of the dirt Lily left behind. Continue reading “Comet”