Key West, Day 5

Time to leave back to Orlando. Lily and I were getting ready to go. I had plans for a hot breakfast that morning at the Inn where I stayed. The stated hours were 7 to 10. I was out the door at 7:00 and nothing was set yet. I walked Lily a bit and she was still being difficult. Checked back and still nothing. Decided to get my car and head back. On the way, we hit up the Old Town Bakery, which happened to open at 6. There was a very small crowd and we were able to get in easily. I thought this was the place the Restaurant Store was, as that place was not the location I had hoped it would be allowing me to get bread on before I headed back. Alas, this was not the place that supplied everyone in Key West with bread, and if it were, they weren’t selling it readily. Continue reading “Key West, Day 5”

Key West, Day 4 (Part II)

Prior to going to Mallory Square, I wanted to stop by a shop I went to the last time I was in Key West. I thought they were the bakery that made the bread that they used at Sarabeth’s and several other locations in Key West. It turns out, if they were when I was there last, they are no longer housing that portion. They still have a café and are also a craft beer vendor and chef’s store. They sell items that aren’t found in most home good stores, catering to a more specific taste. Had I the desire to buy more of that stuff, I know local places that sell, and I wouldn’t have to carry the items with me for the rest of the night. I love their products, but they sold nothing unique enough for me to get, except… Continue reading “Key West, Day 4 (Part II)”

Key West, Day 4 (Part I)

After the “scary” night I experienced, I was up early the next morning. Walked Lily and she decided we were just going to walk. We continued this for some time without anything productive happening so went back to the room and gathered my items for the day. We headed down to the wharf, so I could see about getting a ride on the tall ship I kept reading about, the Jolly Rover II. Because it was so early, I opted for breakfast in the first place that seemed open. Continue reading “Key West, Day 4 (Part I)”

Key West, Day 3 (Part III)

After seeing the familiar road I stayed on and realizing that, by chance, I was on one of the prime haunts of Key West, we moved to another block. Circling the street and passing one of the places I frequented when trying to get Lily to flush her insides, it was mentioned the old courthouse, jail, and gallows. I vaguely remember the story. It had something to do with the KKK and someone being hung. The person in question was pulled from their cell by members of the KKK, who were also local law enforcers, and hung at the gallows. He recognized them and placed a curse on them. Over the course of a few years, each died in mysterious ways. One of them was swept to sea by the early century hurricane and was never heard from again.

We moved on to the Hemmingway House Continue reading “Key West, Day 3 (Part III)”

Key West, Day 3 (Part II)

Lily was curled in her crate and happy to be there. I had planned on leaving her behind and going the evening alone without her, but as soon as I got up, she started to whine. Whining leads to a small bark and then a loud one. Having no intentions of getting kicked out halfway through my stay, I took her with me. Continue reading “Key West, Day 3 (Part II)”

Key West, Day 3 (Part I)

The morning started with a walk, which had become our habit. A fruitless habit, as Lily was not doing her thing on schedule. I’m not sure if it was the change of scenery, or she was that interested in what she was seeing around her, but other than the room, she was not really doing anything outside. I started to avoid Duval Street because it was very crowded for me to have her leave a mess on the sidewalk, so we extended our walks to a few blocks down and then back again. Because I wasn’t sure if the place I was planning on going to was pet-friendly, I really wanted her to do her business, so I could crate her. Continue reading “Key West, Day 3 (Part I)”

New Theme/Comments are Working

Seems the theme I was using had either broken in the process of the move to the new domain or just sucked all along. Either way, I couldn’t get it to work either based on the attempts I made and the lack of an option that all the help I found suggested changing. That being the case, I have changed the theme to allow comments. I will modify parts in the future because I’m not happy with it, but at least the comments work.

If the dogs continue to stay sleeping, I will write the next two posts that were expected, with a third on the way. Let’s be honest, I’ll write one post, and then do another in a day, and the last of the Keys story after that. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Lily I was able to grab.

New Theme/Comments are Working

Key West, Updates Delayed a Day (or two)

The crap internet at my location is not going to improve and will not until I get home, if I’m lucky, as that was flaking just before I left. My phone internet, which I have been using as a hot spot to do real posts, started acting up real bad today, as well. I sent two posts on Facebook and they did not go through. I thought it was just Facebook, but discovered a pict I sent someone uploaded an hour after I sent it. The message would have made little sense to me if I received it that way. All of this said, my posts about days three and four will be a bit delayed. Please check back, as they will be posted as soon as I have a decent internet connection again. FYI, I just got a picture of Lily as a puppy. It might be up here soon. Stay tuned.

Key West, Day 2

I had a plan. I wanted to eat someplace specific. The last time I was in Key West, it was where I had breakfast before leaving the island, and it was obviously memorable, or I wouldn’t have wanted to return. I checked BringFido again, looking up Sarabeth’s, and saw there were mixed comments, none of which were recent. I mean, the marks were high, but the comments told a different story. They said the people bringing dogs were shoved into a corner and basically treated like second class citizens. I thought the food was good enough that it didn’t matter to me. Continue reading “Key West, Day 2”

Key West, Day 1

I finally arrived and got my room. The person at the front desk was so much a dog lover that she let Lily get away with being a bit of a pain. She also gave her two treats, when she should have only given her one. She offered to help me get my bags up to my room, which was in the back and on the second floor. The bags were not so much an issue as the dog and the crate. I had her take Lily and my smallest bag while Continue reading “Key West, Day 1”