Magical Dining Preview Week Day 1 (Chez Vincent)

Most Americans live for Christmas (or the December holidays); some Thanksgiving; still others Halloween. I live for Magical Dining Month. Preview week starts the week of my birthday at the end of August and then the rest of the next month, which leads into Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando and eventually Halloween. Once that first week begins, it is a non-stop rollercoaster of making plans and carrying them out. I used to try to do Food and Wine Fest at EPCOT, but that got too difficult with my allergy as well as trying to fit it in with everything else happening at the same time.

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Key West, Day 1

I finally arrived and got my room. The person at the front desk was so much a dog lover that she let Lily get away with being a bit of a pain. She also gave her two treats, when she should have only given her one. She offered to help me get my bags up to my room, which was in the back and on the second floor. The bags were not so much an issue as the dog and the crate. I had her take Lily and my smallest bag while Continue reading “Key West, Day 1”