Key West, Day 3 (Part III)

After seeing the familiar road I stayed on and realizing that, by chance, I was on one of the prime haunts of Key West, we moved to another block. Circling the street and passing one of the places I frequented when trying to get Lily to flush her insides, it was mentioned the old courthouse, jail, and gallows. I vaguely remember the story. It had something to do with the KKK and someone being hung. The person in question was pulled from their cell by members of the KKK, who were also local law enforcers, and hung at the gallows. He recognized them and placed a curse on them. Over the course of a few years, each died in mysterious ways. One of them was swept to sea by the early century hurricane and was never heard from again.

We moved on to the Hemmingway House Continue reading “Key West, Day 3 (Part III)”

Key West, Day 3 (Part II)

Lily was curled in her crate and happy to be there. I had planned on leaving her behind and going the evening alone without her, but as soon as I got up, she started to whine. Whining leads to a small bark and then a loud one. Having no intentions of getting kicked out halfway through my stay, I took her with me. Continue reading “Key West, Day 3 (Part II)”