A Weak at Home

So, after getting the dogs situated and trying to get back into my pattern the way I intended, I actually got back into my pattern the way Nash and Lily wanted it. The two of them were up to their antics and I was drained of most of my energy over the week. I was able to write a bit over for two days.

I had a few friends that wanted to see me before I left, and I had to order more stuff for my trip. I also, finally, informed my sister of this travel so she could watch my house.

Last minute order items included a two-person tent; a mummy sleeping bag that was more weather resistant than the one I use; a decent flashlight because all of mine seemed to be dying; batteries for the flashlight I always carry on me; a better travel charger as the last one didn’t do so great in Key West; a Bluetooth speaker because I got a discount when buying the charger and planned on getting one for a table I’m expecting to be delivered while gone; a single person inflatable mat because the queen-sized bed I used when camping was just a bit too large for compact travel; Omnijore system so Lily and roam hands free when we get to camp; and a cinch leash so I can grab her and go quicker.

The reality of the order became apparent as I tested everything by the end of the week. The two-person tent attracted Nash, and since he was a chewer, I had to hide it. I decided to get one that just pops open, so I don’t have to spend a great deal of time setting the tent up and being only one person, I didn’t want something that required assistance. In its collapsed state, it is 2′ wide. A bit difficult to travel with, but I have some ideas. The sleeping bag reportedly came with a compression system. I opened but did not remove it and didn’t see the compression straps. I read several reviews after the fact and discovered others had the same issue. I decided to take it out before I returned it and saw it was at the bottom of the outer bag. After trying to get it back together and cinching it, it was the same size as before I opened anything. Not sure how space saving it was.

I tried the batteries in my older flashlight and they didn’t work. I wasn’t sure if the batteries were dead or the flashlight. I pulled out my multimeter to discovered that had dead batteries and they were not replaceable. So now I carry a flashlight that doesn’t work. You might be wondering why I’m still carrying the flashlight. Personal reason. I figured the tactical flashlight would make up for the other. Instead of coming with a battery (when purchasing, I used the criteria USB rechargeable flashlight), it came with a charger for a battery that didn’t even fit into the base. There was a spacer to get the battery to fit, but it really didn’t matter as there was no battery. Remember, when buying things online, make sure to read the reviews and check the ratings. I clicked on the wrong one. The light did contain a three AAA battery holder and I tested it and that worked, but even using rechargeable batteries, there was no USB recharging going on natively. The brightness was also falsely stated, as it was listed as 1000 lumens and it would be lucky to give off 350. I planned on returning it but didn’t have means to print a return label. I started looking into getting a printer to do so but weighed the cost vs. the loss and it was not worth it. More on this later.

The last items of note were the things for Lily. The Omnijore system is a harness for her and one for me that has a long springy leash connecting us with a release system if there is an issue. I stepped into the part for me and adjusted. It is not as quick as I was hoping, but it will work perfectly for my aim, as I plan on using it when I get back to have her pull me on rollerblades or a scooter. I also fitted her harness and she was accepting but rolled over a few times. I think she was trying to help but really wanted her belly rubbed. Finally, there was the cinch leash that seems to have been a waste. It offered no additional speed and did not have a place to carry gear like all my other leashes have. It is a really nice leash and sturdy but lacks a place for bags. I brought it with, just in case, which was its purpose.

As the week progressed, I met my friends and hung without the dogs. Lily wasn’t fond of that and took it out in her crate. Nash just took to getting louder. I was informed of what was going to happen to Nash while I was gone, which is boarding at a place down the block from that week’s snow dog meet. I went to the meet that week and took him with. He had not been to a meet with so many dogs, and the small dog area was very enticing, as he ran back and forth the two and a half hours we were there eyeing the little dogs and barking at them. After the meet, I took him to the vet down the block and dropped him off. I gave them instructions on what to be aware of and sent him off with a hug. Lily came in with me and as they took him away, she cried a little.

Now that I had my freedom again, I was able to do things. I missed Nash already, but with the two dogs together, I couldn’t get anything done. I cleaned the house, did laundry and dishes and cleared out all the food I could think of. I also reevaluated the flashlight. I spent time looking at printers and could not find one for travel that was worth it and the one I wanted for the house would sit dormant for a long time, so it was not worth getting yet. I ordered rechargeable AAA batteries for the flashlight and called it a wash. I also realized I needed to do my taxes so ordered the software I use every year. Finally, I debated what I was going to do about getting Lily in places and the experience I had in Key West. I have Social Anxiety Disorder and she qualified as an Emotional Support Animal. I ordered tags and will deal with the paperwork later. (I’m writing this after being on the road a week, you can’t see the tags, and it only came up once.)

Because of the order, I had to delay my trip by a day, but it worked in my favor as I was able to take my trash and recycling out one last time and get rid of food that would have rotted in the house. I also spend a part of the day getting my taxes done. I did everything that was not digital. All the rest I can look up in my digital records. So, my plan to get on the road three weeks prior was now delayed another day because of the order. My plan to see the Iditarod fell through as it was just ending as I was starting my trip.

My order arrived, and I did a last-minute survey of items I would bring. I grabbed all the big stuff and finished the laundry. The house was fur free-for the moment. At this point, I was exhausted and needed to sleep. Travel begins tomorrow.

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