My first transport gig for Husky Haven was getting a husky named Comet from Longwood to Leesburg. Seemed simple. I was texted if I was available, which I was, and then I needed to get to the meeting spot. I had never transported a dog that distance. Mine or a stranger. To prep, I cleaned out the back of my car, made sure I had proper seat belts, water (just in case), a bowl and towel. I already had all of that in the car but wanted to make sure it was ready. The most pressing part was getting all of the dirt Lily left behind.

Lily is very much a dirty dog. She likes to play in the water at the dog parks. Playing in water leads to playing in mud. The good news about a Malamute is they clean pretty easy. So easy, there is nothing to do. Let her dry, and she will leave Lily shaped spots of sand behind.

I already had a hammock in the back of my car, and it did a halfway decent job of collecting all of the dirt Lily would leave every time we would go to a dog park. It was the “deluxe” model. It had two gaps so seat belts could get through and zippers to keep it closed. I actually paid extra for that bonus. The problem with the gaps for the belts is that it opened as the dog paced in the back of the car. Normal zippers have a locking mechanism. This was a double-sided hammock because it was the deluxe, so the zippers were reversible. No lock. Awesome hammock, lots of sand… on the actual back seat. It was fine as a vacuum took care of it in no time.

Gear gathered. Texts sent. I was on my way.

Got to a place where I felt it was convenient to meet, sent the location to the person I was meeting, and waited. There were many texts and eventually I saw a car with a husky copilot… drive by me. I texted and verified it was them and they eventually stopped. I met Comet. He was a beautiful husky. Well groomed, black and white with blue eyes. Could have been a show dog, for looks. I knew nothing about this dog, other than his name, who I was meeting to get him, and where I was taking him.

I got a bowl and the leash, with dog attached. The transaction took less than a minute. Comet was so friendly. So friendly that he jumped into my car as soon as I opened the door. This concerned me because I had to drag both of my dogs into the car. As much as they loved traveling, they would not get into the car without effort on my part.

If you recall from the last post, I filled my gas tank, so I was able to travel and passed Disney. I passed the same place I was at the day before. Could have saved a trip had I known. Well, had I known the whole story, I could have saved a trip in general.

Attached the seatbelt to Comet’s collar and started on our way. The drive was a bit bumpy and Comet was trying to get his footing. Belle knew my driving and would just lay in the back when she drove with me. If she were going to slide, she would put her paw out and braced herself. Lily is not that aware yet. She too slides. Comet was doing something back there, I have no idea, but after a few minutes, he was laying in back. And then we hit traffic. As soon as the car stopped, he started pacing. I was a bit concerned, but he was old enough to take care of himself. I was at a complete standstill so I took a picture and messaged the contacts so they were aware of what was going on, gave them an ETA from my GPS, and had company. By that I mean, a paw was on my center console.

The way the seatbelt works is it keeps the dog from getting to the front by keeping them locked down. Paw distance was new for me. As I was in standstill traffic, I went to grab his leash and felt the seatbelt. Comet had unlatched the seatbelt. Smart boy. He climbed in the front of the car and became my copilot. With seatbelt in hand, I locked him down again. The drive was mainly uneventful. Every time we stopped he got restless and paced on my front seat. I sent a text to a friend that knew the dog and told me that he was a bit nervous. Then I started getting concerned, but he seemed fine. Every once in a while, he yawned (a sign of stress in dogs) but overall, he was fine. Finally got to my destination and I was the only one there. Turns out the person I was meeting was at another place very close.

I walked Comet and saw he was still a good dog, but didn’t know his name. He also wasn’t good at commands. But he was sweet. His new foster showed and I told her all about huskies. She had never had a dog and never dealt with a husky. I tried to be kind but told her the things to be aware of: double coats do not get shaved. No need to bathe that often. Escape artists. Lots of energy.

Comet went with her as if he was supposed to. Such a trusting dog. She seemed fine and I headed home. First transport, done.

Lates. . .

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