Quick Update

The pups and I had a long day. We started with our pre-7 a.m. 3-mile walk, and by the time it was over, I spent an hour getting them fed and settled. I had planned on going on a trip with them this week, specifically today, but saw that the places I wanted to go were 2.5 hours at the closest and over four on the middle end. Because it was going to rain all day today, I will try tomorrow.

In the meantime, I got to bond with the little guy, and it was good. He now sits on command. Doesn’t stay seated, but we are working on it. At least he sits since he wasn’t doing it much for the last week. He now lays down on a somewhat regular basis too. As he was standing almost all week. He also started eating kibble as of this morning without spitting it all out. Finally, he knows how to take his pill, although he did spit it out this evening, I got him to take it with a bit of coercion.

I vacuumed the mess the two made because it has been a bit wet and they like playing in the sand and tracking it all over the house. Malakai was a bit put off by the vacuum, but him barking at it did not seem to distract the device in the least. I got a garbage bag of fur and debris and hope to keep the house clean for at least a day.

Here they are exhausted after such a long day of playing:

Quick UpdateSleeping dogs lie (Lily is the one in back)

Quick UpdateYou talkin’ ’bout me? (Malakai is camera shy)

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