The Belle’s, Part III

The next day, I went to work and because it was New Year’s Eve, I had a half day. Taking the second half of the day, I went to visit a doctor to get things looked at. He was the doctor that my office used and was a really nice guy, but not too reassuring. He said the wound looked clean, but they would need to get records of the dog to make sure I did not need shots. So now the scariest concept came to pass… Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part III”

The Belle’s, Part II

I asked Sarah for advice on where to take Belle to the vet. She said she knew a receptionist at a vet in a city that wasn’t that close to me. Because she knew her and I didn’t have anything better to go by, I went there and that became Belle’s doctor. Unfortunately, they were not familiar with snow dogs. Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part II”