North to Alaska, Day 3 (NO LA, Day II, Part II)

Thursday, March 22, 2018 (Still):

After the cemetery tour, I checked the time and saw I had another three plus hours left on my parking meter and decided to make the best of it. Across the street from where I was, as the place I actually parked, was the Basin St. Station and bus tour stop/visitor center. I figured I did the main thing I was in New Orleans for, I should be able to do anything else at this point. Continue reading “North to Alaska, Day 3 (NO LA, Day II, Part II)”

North to Alaska, Day 3 (NO LA, Day II – Part I)

Thursday, March 22, 2018:

Morning started as it had before, light from the courtyard and Lily poking me with her nose. I told her to go back to sleep and she did. Eventually, I woke and took her for a walk. Along the way, I saw several trucks that had the phrase “Hollywood Trucks” on them. At first, there was one, as we passed in one direction, but as we circled back, there were four around the block. Even now, I have no idea what they were setting up for, but it looked like they were hosting a film crew. Lily was being difficult again and didn’t want to “go” so we headed to the dog park. Continue reading “North to Alaska, Day 3 (NO LA, Day II – Part I)”

Vague Update – Reason for Delay

I will get back to catching up, but I had a medical emergency and returned home. Due to medical billing practices, I have no idea what my costs will be so I will not know how long it will be until I can travel again if the costs out weight my coffer. I also need to do a followup with a doctor in over a week, so at the very least, I will not be traveling until after that. I am alive but in great pain. Hopefully, that will pass soon because walking and sitting, my two most common tasks, are quite painful at the moment. My New Orleans adventures are the next things I will be writing about and posting, but I owe some people I met reviews on a few travel sites first.

On the bright side, Lily was super happy to be back and run in her yard. I also discovered my foster was adopted yesterday so his story will now be possible to tell.

North to Alaska, Day 2 (NO LA, Day I)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018:

I awoke to light in my room (in New Orleans – NOLA), as the courtyard was lit all the time, and Lily’s snout on the bed. She usually does that when she wants something, be it food, out, or attention. I was still suffering from a cold I had the week before, which also contributed to me not doing anything productive, and was in need of tissues. The room did not have any. All I could get my hands on were one-ply toilet paper. Deciding that was a bust, I took a shower. The door to the bathroom was folding and didn’t have a handle. I tried pushing it closed, but Lily wanted to be in there with me. Only kinda, so I showered with the door partially closed. Continue reading “North to Alaska, Day 2 (NO LA, Day I)”

North to Alaska, Day 1 (Travel Begins)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018:

I woke lazily as I still had not adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. When I finally woke, I packed and debated what to bring due to the variance in temperatures along the trip. Narrowing things down, I was able to get all my gear together and stick everything in the car, so it would fit, Lily would fit, and have extra room. Continue reading “North to Alaska, Day 1 (Travel Begins)”

Brief Update from NO LA. . .

Plan on getting Key West Day 4 (Part II) up either tonight to tomorrow. Then will start the Alaska Saga. Lily is with me and there will be pictures. It has been mentioned the ones posted so far are too small. I will need more space to put larger images up and possible video. Get me more readers and it will be worth it. Spread the word if you like what you are reading. If you don’t, sorry, the fiction will follow the trip stories.

If you didn’t get it by the title, I’m writing this from NO LA. I have already been in four states in the last day. Gonna be here until Friday, 03/23/2018. Not sure where our next stop will be, but I intend on getting in a ghost tour while I’m here.

Lates. . .