What the Deal was with Delayed Writing and “Medical Issues” (Part I)

May 28th, 2018
I wouldn’t put the date on a general post like this, normally, but my next comment will make sense if there is a date stamp on it. I planned on putting a disclaimer, which I will, that took up enough space to avoid someone reading something they did not care to read, but the current theme I am using places the whole post and not just a summary. That being said, I plan on going into some detail that not only is very personal but also possibly graphic in nature. If you feel you do not want to read this for it may offend you or may reveal too much about me, please move on. I intend to write about more travel exploits soon to catch up from the previous as well as new ones. Thanks for understanding. Continue reading “What the Deal was with Delayed Writing and “Medical Issues” (Part I)”

North to Alaska, Day 1 (Travel Begins)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018:

I woke lazily as I still had not adjusted to Daylight Savings Time. When I finally woke, I packed and debated what to bring due to the variance in temperatures along the trip. Narrowing things down, I was able to get all my gear together and stick everything in the car, so it would fit, Lily would fit, and have extra room. Continue reading “North to Alaska, Day 1 (Travel Begins)”