“Gullible” (6/2/93)

This is a quick one that I wrote in ’93 based off a picture of a boy holding his hand up to a seagull on a post with its wings outstretched.



“Come here. I don’t want to hurt you. Please come here, I have some food. Some tasty, rotty, moldy meat. I know you want it. There, that’s a good gull.” As the gull approached, the young boy quickly grabbed the naive bird. That was his third attempt. “Now I’ll make you pay for shitting on me, you stupid bird!” With those words, the boy pounded the gull to a raw, bloody mass. Blood was everywhere. “Oops, seems like I made more of a mess of you than you made on me.” As the boy walked off, a faint cry could be heard in the distance; louder it grew becoming a screech, and then a scream. A dark shadow loomed over the small boy, and as he looked up, a black and white projectile was all he could see. “Oh shit!!!”

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