Toad in the Hole Sandwich (with recipe)

Toad in the Hole Sandwich (with recipe)
Finished sandwich.

This was a simple recipe I Phil-ed. I started out with maple, French toast, swirl bread. I highly recommend bread that is already flavored, be it homemade or store bought. It makes what would be something pretty dull into a more complex treat. My specific issue with the swirl bread is that it is too small and because of that, the egg broke on the flip. I could have used a larger hole, but then there wouldn’t be any bread. If you can make your own, regular-sized flavored bread or start with French toast, the hole can be larger.

I do not own simple cookie cutters, so I took an old juice glass and pressed it into the bread creating the perfect (for this size bread) hole. Had I larger bread, I would have used an old-fashioned glass. Once I made the holes in the bread, I heated up a bread-sized, square, cast iron skillet and melted butter in it. Once it hit the correct temperature, I added the holed-bread and then the egg in the center. While it was cooking, I added a twist of pink salt and peppercorn, both from grinders. After the egg was solid on the bottom, I flipped and added more salt and pepper. I do not recommend this for two reasons described below.

As I was cooking, I decided this was still too boring and added shredded cheese to it. It was not cooking fast enough, so I flipped the bread again and the cheese heated in a second sufficient to melt perfectly. After the bread was cooked, I plated, cheese-side up. Once that was set, I added prosciutto, basically turning this into a superior Moon over my Hammy.

Toad in the Hole Sandwich (with recipe)
Toad in the hole x2.
Toad in the Hole Sandwich (with recipe)
Now with more meat.

Because I used prosciutto, I did not need any salt, let alone on top and bottom. I would recommend only doing before the first flip per slice.

Once both slices were finished and the meat was added, I made the sandwich. Because I like my eggs runny and use the bread to sop it up, this is a knife and fork treat. The eggs came out perfectly, for me.

Toad in the Hole Sandwich (with recipe)
Just a bit runny.



2 Large eggs
2 Slices of swirl bread (I had maple french toast on hand)
2 Tbl of butter (cut in two)
2 Slices of ham (I used prosciutto)
Shredded cheese of choice, split in two
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut 3″ hole in bread with a cookie cutter or juice glass. Medium-heat small cooking pan and add butter. Wait for it to melt and turn light brown. Place bread in pan and then egg in hole. Cook until you can see the bottom is solid (2-3 minutes depending on heat source). Salt and pepper while waiting. Flip bread and cook for another minute (or two depending on heat source and desired doneness of yoke). Add half of the cheese and melt on top just enough to stick. Flip the bread for a second and remove to plate cheese side up. Use the rest of the butter and coat the pan again. Place both slices of ham on the cooked bread.

After the first slice is done, repeat with the second. It should take less time for the egg to cook because the pan is heated already. The only variation is at the end when the bread should be placed on top of the second slice of ham with the cheese side down.

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