Magical Dining Month, Venue Ten (Fig’s Prime)

Friday evening in Altamonte Springs. Happy hour and Magical Dining. Fig’s Prime seemed like the place to be. I had plans to meet my friend and her mother for dinner. My friend seems to be stuck on only getting filet mignon and she is a big seafood fan, so, as I was already interested in going there when I presented the list of places for Magical Dining, she was all for it.

Fig’s Prime uses Yelp for reservations, but I did not know that when I called to make mine. The day after I made the appointment, I got a confirmation text that asked if I was going, saying to click the link to confirm in the Yelp app. Doing so brought me to the download page, but I already had it installed. Once I clicked to confirm, it asked me to make the reservation, and there was nothing in the app showing that I was scheduled to go. When I arrived at the restaurant, they informed me that there have been issues.

As I arrived early, I was seated and placed the drink order for my friend (Coke) and myself (just lemonade for me this time… the stone was acting up again) but didn’t know what her mother wanted. They showed a few minutes later, and she had an unsweetened tea. I mentioned before them arriving that we were doing Magical Dining menu and I had a tomato allergy (see FAQs). I was pleased that everything I was interested in was safe for me to eat.

Magical Dining Month, Venue Ten (Fig's Prime)
Fig Prime’s Magical Dining menu

My friend’s mother was not familiar with the ordering process, but we walked her through it. Told her to pick her appetizer, entrée, and dessert. This location had a few add-ons for the steaks. We all ordered the Caesar salad as a starter. It was listed as having anchovies in it, so my friend asked for hers to be without. When the greens arrived, fresh ground pepper was offered, and we all accepted. I could not find anchovies as a separate item in mine and figured it was in the dressing, as is customary.

Magical Dining Month, Venue Ten (Fig's Prime)
Cesar salad

For the entrée, my dining companions both had the steak, where my friend went with the lobster tail, and her mother had hers topped with mushrooms. The ‘shrooms were diced as opposed to whole, and she said they were satisfactory, none-the-less. I opted for the veal scaloppini. There was a large red item under the cheese, and it scared me for a second, but I realized it was a roasted red pepper, as mentioned in the menu. The pepper enhanced the meat but also changed it entirely. Since there were two pieces, I decided to eat the second one without the pepper, having consumed it first. It was like having two entirely different meals. As much as I liked the peppered one, I preferred it without. All entrées were accompanied by mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. They were both acceptable, but nothing spectacular.

Our final course was the dessert. This was what drew me to the place. We all got the same thing, which was a chocolate rum torte. Personally, I would either call it ganache rather than a torte, but it appears that is how they described it on the menu, OR I would call it fudge. It was extremely rich and somewhat hard to eat because of that. With a dark chocolate start and a rum finish, I loved it. My friend, on the other hand, did not. I was happy I went and tried it.

Magical Dining Month, Venue Ten (Fig's Prime)
Chocolate rum torte

As with the last few places I had dined, this place was particularly noisy. Here, it was difficult to hear the other people at my table. After two specific tables left, the location quieted down to a reasonable volume, but it was still pretty bad because of the open floor plan. I’m not sure what the appeal to the design is as it makes it difficult to communicate when you can’t hear one thing from another. I think I even had to ask the waitress to repeat herself. I want to point out that she was great, and I did not have to worry about refills.

As much as I liked the food, the way the layout of the restaurant was, I can’t really recommend it for a quiet evening.

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