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One thought on “The last words of edward la courtE (7/20/93)”

  1. From 12/24/1993 – I had this idea for a long time that I wanted to write the most profound poem in the shortest amount of words. Unfortunately, Jack Kerouac beat (unintentional pun, that I feel is very warranted) me to it. He wrote A Poem that went something like this, “I am God.” I couldn’t beat that. So I tried my hand. I came up with The last words of edward la courtE. It is brief and to the point, yet without the title, it makes no sense. It also helps if it has its “sister” poem. Incidentally, La Courte is a French name that means brief. I picked it intentionally and did a great deal of searching for that name.

    “Sister” poem will be posted tomorrow.

    Lates. . .

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