Dry-Aged Ribeye with Wild Mushroom Risotto

Back around Thanksgiving, I decided to make my, now, standard turducken (turkey, chicken, and duck wrapped around stuffing). I’ll admit I cheat on this one. It is much easier to get at the local grocery store than it is buying all the parts and making myself. I went to the store last year and the person I spoke to, not only didn’t know what I was talking about (a very bad sign), but when he came back from asking, said they were out. I decided while I was there, to get a standing rib roast. Both those posts are on Facebook for the turduckenĀ (https://www.facebook.com/phillip.fromer/posts/1623898471020545) and first ribeye (https://www.facebook.com/phillip.fromer/posts/1663139760429749?pnref=story).

What I neglected to mention in the info about the first ribeye was Continue reading “Dry-Aged Ribeye with Wild Mushroom Risotto”