Dark and Gloomy

Dark and Gloomy
Dark and Gloomy

A Dark and Gloomy is perfect for the season. I figure I would post it a little before Halloween so I can get it out there in time for some of the parties that might be happening this time of year. It is actually good any time of year, but because I named it so, I figure a Dark and Gloomy can make a quality end of October libation.

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I will post a full list of ingredients at the end, but here’s the drink in pictures with descriptions. I tried to make a frozen version and will post later when I finally get it, but currently, everything I try turns into a liquid. Also, this would make a good shot. From personal experience, it is not worth doubling up on the alcohol and drinking alone.

So the first thing that went into the idea of this was going on a cruise and realizing I liked frozen mudslides. After that, I had a Captain’s Call. Not being a fan of coffee, I realized I could combine the two and make something better. I loved the name of the Dark and Stormy, but as much as I love rum and ginger beer, I was not a fan of that combination. So, the Dark and Gloomy was born.

Taking the Cognac and Kahlua from the Captain’s Call and mixing it with Baileys from the mudslide along with spiced rum and upping the chocolate with the creme de cocoa, you get quite the alcoholic concoction. I use premixed chocolate milk (personal preference is Fairlife because it has less sugar than regular chocolate milk) and usually add ice and then shake. I tried to add ice cream and blend in the last attempt, but as mentioned above, it liquified.

The last point of note is that the glass is blue. If it isn’t, it is not a Dark and Gloomy. It is just a Dark.

So it is pretty simple and here’s the recipe. Just be aware, it packs a kick:

1 shot Creme de Cocoa
1 shot Cognac
1 shot spiced rum
1 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 shot Kahlua
8 oz. chocolate milk
3 scoops chocolate ice cream (if doing frozen)

Mix the fix shots into a shaker and add ice. Shake. Pour half into a 8oz. blue glass, or a blue shot glass.

If doing the frozen version, blend with two pulses and pour half into an 8oz. blue glass.

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