End of November Update

OK, a few quick things:

  1. I have been depressed over the loss of Stan Lee and William Goldman. Two of my personal heroes.
  2. I have a turducken thing I will be writing up but am delayed because of…
  3. Had a foster over the extended weekend and he threw my schedule off completely.
  4. I MIGHT post the first chapter of the novel that follows the Prolog. I might not.
  5. Still waiting on parts from The Table of Ultimate Gaming (TOUG), which is the reason there has not been a follow-up. Trust me; it seems like it might not be nice the way things are going.
  6. The roof saga will be coming soon.
  7. More fiction on the way. If anyone wants to throw a topic out there or several things to include and I might write something based on it.
  8. Another alcohol recipe is on the way as well as an update for the Dark and Gloomy.

That should do it. More to follow in a few days.

Gratuitous dog picture
Gratuitous dog picture

Dark and Gloomy

Dark and Gloomy
Dark and Gloomy

A Dark and Gloomy is perfect for the season. I figure I would post it a little before Halloween so I can get it out there in time for some of the parties that might be happening this time of year. It is actually good any time of year, but because I named it so, I figure a Dark and Gloomy can make a quality end of October libation. Continue reading “Dark and Gloomy”