Pre-Key, Part II

Getting a late start because I did not pack my stuff yesterday. Lily, on the other hand, was ready to go. Her food, treats, bed, crate – oh the crate!!!, backpack, and the water treatment were packed last night. It dawned on me just now, she needs a toy. She has been a month without.

She had been without toys because Nash was a bit of a selfish bastard and toy aggressive. I was able to get rid of Nash yesterday by sheer luck of circumstance. I needed to get rid of him and I was at a meet with a foster family that was ready to take him. He parted unceremoniously.

The crate was bigger than I expected but fits in the car with a bit of effort. Effort as in moving the seats up and then back to get other items in there. For the longer trip, that might be an issue.

I had my breakfast of leftover Chinese while listening to I like Chinese by Eric Idle (, after feeding the dog. She was happy to go outside and use her time wisely, as opposed to the last month where she would go out and play. We were out and back in less than five minutes. Then I packed. Checked the weather and saw it will be between 66 and 70 degrees the whole time I’m there. I packed a bit warmer than I would have otherwise, but realize that I will need to do the same for the long trip. Got all my electronic gear in order, snapped a picture or two, and I’m on my way.

I’m posting this, with my next post in Key West. Let the travels begin. . .

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