Dry-Aged Ribeye with Wild Mushroom Risotto

Back around Thanksgiving, I decided to make my, now, standard turducken (turkey, chicken, and duck wrapped around stuffing). I’ll admit I cheat on this one. It is much easier to get at the local grocery store than it is buying all the parts and making myself. I went to the store last year and the person I spoke to, not only didn’t know what I was talking about (a very bad sign), but when he came back from asking, said they were out. I decided while I was there, to get a standing rib roast. Both those posts are on Facebook for the turducken (https://www.facebook.com/phillip.fromer/posts/1623898471020545) and first ribeye (https://www.facebook.com/phillip.fromer/posts/1663139760429749?pnref=story).

What I neglected to mention in the info about the first ribeye was Continue reading “Dry-Aged Ribeye with Wild Mushroom Risotto”

The Belle’s, Part III

The next day, I went to work and because it was New Year’s Eve, I had a half day. Taking the second half of the day, I went to visit a doctor to get things looked at. He was the doctor that my office used and was a really nice guy, but not too reassuring. He said the wound looked clean, but they would need to get records of the dog to make sure I did not need shots. So now the scariest concept came to pass… Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part III”


The smell came from nowhere. It just hit me as I was wiping my face, the way I do when I am thinking these days. A pondersome think as I rub the Fu Manchu and goatee, forming my beard, that is now second nature for me. But that smell, it came from nowhere. I smelled my hands and it was not on them. There is nothing so old and damp that has that smell, but it brought back memories. Continue reading “Must”

A Date with Nanook

There is the sweetest dog in our pack of snow dogs, a husky named Nanook. A rescue now in foster care, he is very much underweight and terminal. We are not sure how long he has to live and even if a time limit were set, they never matter. It’s the same as with humans. Some might say one to three months, and the dog can live for another year or longer. Unfortunately, they do not have a time frame set for him. His diagnosis keeps changing as well. Continue reading “A Date with Nanook”

The Belle’s, Part II

I asked Sarah for advice on where to take Belle to the vet. She said she knew a receptionist at a vet in a city that wasn’t that close to me. Because she knew her and I didn’t have anything better to go by, I went there and that became Belle’s doctor. Unfortunately, they were not familiar with snow dogs. Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part II”

Lily’s Gotcha Day

The attention whore that is Lily came into my life a year ago today. In the dog circles that I hang with, they call this the Gotcha Day. I anticipated Belle’s failing health and was looking for a new dog. Not as a replacement, but as a companion to keep her company when I was not around. Continue reading “Lily’s Gotcha Day”

The Belle’s, Part I

Not too long ago, I had two dogs. My first, Belle, and the current one, Lily. Belle was pretty chill, while Lily is a bit of a wild child. Belle, unlike what most think when seeing her name, was short for Labelle. She was named after a line from a Robert W. Service poem: Continue reading “The Belle’s, Part I”


My first transport gig for Husky Haven was getting a husky named Comet from Longwood to Leesburg. Seemed simple. I was texted if I was available, which I was, and then I needed to get to the meeting spot. I had never transported a dog that distance. Mine or a stranger. To prep, I cleaned out the back of my car, made sure I had proper seat belts, water (just in case), a bowl and towel. I already had all of that in the car but wanted to make sure it was ready. The most pressing part was getting all of the dirt Lily left behind. Continue reading “Comet”